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What we have been doing and a FREEBIE!

So, I just redid my blog again. I have had the hardest time coming up with a fun bloggy name but I think I have it! "Fluttering in First Grade" !!!

Today is only Tuesday and I am so happy my kids are back into the swing on things! Last week was just about a nightmare! 

This week we are finishing up our Walrus unit. Kiddos are reading some non-fiction text.  They love it (and so do I)!!

Tomorrow we are doing our big SHABANG! A Walrus writing.  We read a non-fiction book.  Took notes on the book and now we are sharing what we know with the school! (Aka: the hallway) :)

We used books from Deanna Jump's Arctic Unit.
Click on the picture if you want her unit! I highly recommend it!

We also used the books in this picture below!

I used a sentence sort from Deanna's unit too as one of my literacy stations.  They kids love cutting and gluing their sentences!  I created a mini-book for the students to cut and paste their sentences into.  I will put it under the picture! :)

Here is the mini-book. It is not the exact one I used because I did not save mine on the computer. 
So, here is a special one just for you!

Here are examples of my kid's books!

Students finished their Walrus Non-Fiction writing! They did such a great job! It is very tough to motivate my students to write! By the look of these Walruses you would never know! They had already written their own non-fiction text about them and then they used their book that they had written to do their final non-fiction writing!

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